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Oxford Community Energy Co-operative announces Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm has reached commercial operation 

Anticipated commercial operation has arrived for Oxford’s first wind farm


Following years of deliberation, conversation and hard work the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm project has achieved commercial operation. As of November 14, 2016, the 10 Senvion MM92 that are located in Norwich, ON are now producing 1.8 MW of electricity per turbine for a total energy production of 18 MW. As the first community wind project in Canada, Oxford Community Energy Co-operative (OCEC) is excited to bring wind energy to the residents of Oxford County.  

The Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm project began in early 2014 and is owned by a limited partnership comprised of Oxford Community Energy Co-operative, Six Nations of Grand River Development Corporation and Prowind Canada. Construction of the turbines began in November of 2015, after receiving approval from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.  

The Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm project is the largest renewable energy project with co-operative ownership to gain approval in Ontario. It is also the first wind farm in Oxford County and will power over 6,700 homes. OCEC was specifically developed in 2013 to invite the local community to own up to 49% of the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm project and continue to develop other renewable energy projects in Oxford County in the future. Presently, OCEC has 186 members, 33% of which are Oxford County residents. The co-operative has sold $9 million in shares and bonds to it’s members. 

OCEC is a grassroots cooperative that is working to bring local generation to Oxford.  With Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm achieving commercial operation the cooperative is looking ahead to 2017 to begin their next renewable generation venture. Currently, OCEC has received approval for solar projects under the Ontario FIT program and will be releasing more information regarding investment opportunities in the new year. 

“Achieving commercial operation of the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm is an exciting and important step for OCEC,” said Tyler Moore, CEO of OCEC. “It proves the concept that a citizen-owned cooperative,  operating within a supportive community with the right partners, can successfully develop large-scale renewable energy projects in the heart of southwestern Ontario.  On behalf of OCEC’s board of directors, we are very excited about 2017; a year in which we’ll be able to reward our members and investors for their commitment and trust by starting to pay returns on debt and equity investments in the Gunn’s Hill project.  In addition, we are also looking forward to engaging existing and new members regarding our next investment opportunity in 1.2MW of local solar generation.”  

As we move into 2017, OCEC is looking to grow their member network and is inviting those who are interested in renewable generation to become a member and participate in the shift away from fossil fuels. Members of OCEC make decisions on projects, investments and how to best serve the community. As a member, you are participating in a movement that is redefining Ontario’s energy landscape. 

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